A new chapter for CulturA – We’ve moved offices.

At the beginning of March 2021, we re-located from our premises in Gzira to new offices in Tigne Point, to accommodate our growing team of professionals and specialists.

At CulturA we believe that offices are far more than just places of work. With most of us spending a large portion of our adult lives in the workplace, we believe that it is our overarching duty to provide an office environment where each individual feels supported, encouraged and motivated to perform to the very best of their abilities. In this exciting time of company expansion, we wanted to give our growing team a new, working space that’s ergonomically fine-tuned to their needs and requirements, both now and in the future. 

Located by the Central Business Tower, in Building Q2, our new offices are right in the heart of one of the most dynamic areas of the Island, an area known for being prime real-estate for company headquarters, with bustling shopping malls, cafes, and restaurants. Full of bright, natural light and overlooking the deep-blue waters of the Mediterranean sea, our new, contemporary premises are designed to provide comfort, inspire creativity and stimulate motivation whilst continuing to reinforce and strengthen the professional CulturA camaraderie that helps define who we are as an employer today. 

On the 1st of April 2021 we welcome new employees to our offices, who will form an integral part of our Senior Management, Finance and Operation teams.

Despite the unprecedented challenges related to COVID-19, we are delighted to be beginning a new chapter for the company — using this re-location to recalibrate company-wide targets and resolutely set our sights on a future full of opportunity and success.   

To all our partners, both current, returning and prospective, we look forward to welcoming you at our new premises in the near future. 

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