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CulturA is derived from the Latin word for "care" and "cultivate". We cultivate partnerships with our customers and employees that help them reach the A-league. We believe relationships flourish when they are collaborative, trusting, proactive and built with a long-term vision.
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What we do

CulturA is a leading end-to-end sourcing and logistics provider, designing and managing innovative supply chains for the cement and gypsum industries. By providing expert services that cover all aspects of the supply chain, CulturA ensures global industries and businesses procure or supply quality bulk materials, delivered on time and cost effectively.


CulturA markets bulk raw materials including gypsum, limestone, clinker, coal, and slag from carefully selected sources. We also ensure product quality always exceeds requirements.


CulturA manages storage, in-land logistics, local procedures and port logistics.


CulturA organizes shipping and maritime operations.


To maximize efficiency at the destination, our team handles port retrieval, local procedures, delivers raw materials and manages stocks at CulturA or end user’s premises.


Supply chains are customized to meet your unique needs, with smart financial solutions available for suppliers and end users.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Tailored services

Above all, we are focused on the unique needs of our buyer- and seller-side clients. Our full-service approach ensures a simple, seamless, end-to-end experience for our global clients.

Economies of scale and working capital optimization

This approach also creates significant supply chain value by bringing economies of scale front-and-center. Working with CulturA means gaining greater value-add on freight, local logistics costs, and overall working capital.

In many developing countries, it is nearly impossible for new cement factories to finance working capital with banks. We facilitate the industrialization of the cement sector though the implementation of innovative financing methods, minimizing working capital requirements for our customers – many of whom have been with us since day one.

Human capital

We always prioritize the management of Health, Safety and Environment aspects at all stages. Our operations also allow port authorities to integrate port storage spaces through the pooling of stocks.

To achieve all of this, we put human capital at the center of everything we do. Our expert team represents the best in the industry, with global and local insiders from a variety of cultures and professional backgrounds. This, we believe, is the basis for a dynamic organization that can support a fast-growing audience of diverse businesses and industries.


Our Vision

24 _ Déchargement du Bateau _ Abidjan - Côte d'Ivoire _ 15_12_2020
Building tomorrow's supply chains, today

CulturA has transformed the construction industry by creating a flatter supply chain model, while delivering enhanced services to stakeholders, from source to port to plant.

Our vision is to shift the global sourcing industry from a traditional “buy-and-sell” model to a thriving marketplace underscored by top-tier service and support.

We strongly believe:
  • The current lack of transparency in the buy-and-sell-style commodity trading market will be reduced significantly with the appearance of a Marketplace.
  • Buyers and sellers will naturally capture greater value through a well-structured marketplace powered by the right service providers.
  • Sustainable margins come when we provide superior services and value-add to stakeholders, rather than in positioning as a back-to-back intermediary.
  • The cement market lacks a strong service provider to accompany buyers and sellers in their value chain journey.

Our Values

Customer Service

Delivering superior service means being available to our customers 24/7 — and to providing highly-targeted solutions to overcome their unique challenges. We believe relationships flourish when they are collaborative, trusting, proactive, and built with a long-term vision.


We are committed to innovating and evolving, delivering creative, proactive solutions to maximize stakeholder value. We require to be the first industry player in each market we tackle. We cultivate partnerships with our customers and employees to reach the A-league only.

Team Spirit

People are central to everything we do. Our team of passionate, skilled professionals works in-sync to provide a simple experience from start to finish, for both buyers and sellers.

“Long Lasting Partnership =
(Added Value – Opportunism) * (Transparency + Persistence)”

Chief Executive Officer

Why Choose CulturA?

Since launching in 2016, CulturA builds and executes transformative, turnkey supply chains for global builders and factories — businesses that demand excellence, professionalism, and efficiency.


Innovative supply chains designed to meet your needs - without the overhead or resource allocation.


Innovative supply chains designed to meet your needs – without the overhead or resource allocation.


By having a physical presence in each of our markets, we can address real-time needs and considerations, customizing solutions, and providing meaningful customer service and support based on your real-time needs.


Sourcing and logistics are central to your success. CulturA ensures total efficiency from supply to delivery.


Diverse payment structures are available from day one.


Cultura Leadership

Walid Rhannou, CEO


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Reuben Brimmer


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Amine Challah

Operations & Sourcing Specialist

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